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Criminology in Ukraine
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Головна » 2008 » Жовтень » 20 » Penal Policy and Practices: 2nd seminar (rationales for punishment).
Penal Policy and Practices: 2nd seminar (rationales for punishment).
Penal Policy and Practices
2nd seminar 
Rationales for Punishment
Dear students,
On the 2nd seminar, I would like to continue our discussion concerning rationals for punishment.
I would like to remind you these rationals:
- deterrence (collective and individual)
- retribution (please note the difference between concepts of 'retibution' and 'revenge' in the criminal law and criminology)
- incapacitation (please think about different forms of incapacitation id different states in different periods)
- rehabilitation (please look for some information about 'rehabilitative ideal' and its decline (or even collapse)
It could be also noted that a rationale of "restorative justice" is also discussed in recent studies. Please take in into account and look through the sources about the nature of this rationale.
I would also like you to participate in our discussion focused on the main question of criminology and penology - a question of 'free will'. Therefore, find some information concerning this question on the web and in the library as well as about classical and positivist schools of criminology and its most famous representatives.
I would be also happy to hear which rationales are reflected in our Criminal and Criminal-Executive Codes.
Which rationals, on your opinion, should be seen as primary for judges in contemporary Ukraine?
Therefore, do not forget to take these acts with you (!).
Please do not hesitate contact me if you have any questions concerning our module.
Dmytro V. Yagunov
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