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Criminology in Ukraine
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Як Ви вважаєте, діяльність пенітенціарної системи України є прозорою та підзвітною суспільству?
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Головна » 2008 » Жовтень » 13 » Penal Policy and Practices: materials to the 1st seminar (history of prison, rationales for punishment, ... ).
Penal Policy and Practices: materials to the 1st seminar (history of prison, rationales for punishment, ... ).

Dear students,


I would like to remind you main points of the 1st lecture:


- ‘Penitentiary’: origins of the word
- First penitentiary institutions;

- Pennsylvania prison system;

- Auburn prison system:

- Irish prison system;

- Jeremy Bentham and his ‘Panopticon’;

- Prison architecture;

- Rationales for punishment: evolution and contemporary views.


Here, I would like to discuss issues of transforming of prison from 1) place of detention before execution to 2) the place for punishment and rehabilitation.


It would be interesting to know your opinion concerning reasons of this transformation. It would be also reasonable to discus in which forms this transformation took place in different times in different states.


Please note that changes in penal landscapes were always concerned with changes of socio-economic formations (Ancient Times, Medieval Times, Modern History, Post-Modern History). This moment should be taken into account (!).

As far as rationales for punishments are concerned, I would like to know your opinion concerning basic ideas that are used for justification of sentencing:


-         Retribution:

-         Deterrence;

-         Incapacitation:

-         Rehabilitation.


I would be also happy to hear which rationales are reflected in our Criminal and Criminal-Executive Codes. Therefore, do not forget to take these acts with you (!).


Please find in the “’File Catalogue’ two articles (in the PDF format) and one PPT presentation focused on the topic of rationales. Honestly speaking, they seem to be interesting.


Please do not hesitate contact me if you have any questions concerning our module.



Dmytro V. Yagunov

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